Darshana Congreve

Institute: You’re based in Paris. What is it you love about the city?

Darshana: We can’t really love someone without being loved in return. We have a place in Paris called  Montmartre, where you can find the spirit, you then you cross the street to Pigalle where you enter a totally different world. Low-key lanes with hidden prostitutes, guitars shops, concert halls, saying “Hello” to famous people passing in the street. If I could tell you why some people love wolves, I’ll tell why I love Paris ! A wolf will give you love if you deserve to stay alive.

Institute: What other artists are you inspired by?

Darshana: I’m inspired by women and Serge Gainsbourg.

Institute: How has your sound evolved over the years?

Darshana: As a face growing old, but my eyes stay young

Institute: What are you currently listening to?

Darshana: Even though, commercial music is a dark genius… These days, I’m listening to visionary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead or Serge Gainsbourg, to the King of Pianists, Vladimir Horowitz. I have also just discovered the gorgeous Anna Calvi. Of course I am listening to my music to.

Institute: What is the creative process when writing new material?

Darshana: One simple way I use to write a son(g) is…First, I must find a good riff. Second, I play it until it becomes a part of me. Third, I find a vocal melody that suits to the riff. After which, I switch suddenly from the riff to a chorus, in general made of four spontaneous chords, and I try to sing in one shot a simple and an effective vocal line. Without thinking. I repeat the process until I find a great chorus. Best riffs will generate best chorus. Now, It is easier to see if the concentrated form Riff/Chorus need a bridge. The bridge is between two universes then most of the time, its universe is mixed. At this point, if the rest is good, any vocals lines on the bridge’s chords will be a success. While I do it all, usually a title in two paradoxical words comes to me, in tune with the universe. It gives a main theme. Then I write the lyrics on vocals melodies. Arrangements come from that base.  Very easy to find simple ideas from now to build up the whole universe of the song. Simple technique with no secrets revealed, as hundreds others.

Institute: What are you currently reading?

Darshana: A simple book of music theory and The unbearable lightness of being of Milan Kundera.

Institute:  What can you reveal about your forthcoming album?

Darshana: The title of this album will contain the word  Sun because I hope to suspend my hell away in the infinity, I see it as a sun warming up my universe.

Institute: What can we expect from you in 2012?

Darshana: A gamble!


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